Tokenizing the

Lifecycle of AI

The Problem

& Opportunity

Expansive Market Growth:

  • The AI industry is projected to reach $297 billion by 2027.
  • droppLink is strategically positioned to capitalize on this expansion.

Ethical AI & IP Protection:

  • droppLink champions ethical AI with secure, traceable data practices and IP compensation.
  • Aligns with growing need for responsible AI development.

Market Validation:

  • droppLink has high-profile adopters as it directly addresses institutional concerns about AI risks, such as data provenance, IP protection and AGI impacts.

Strategic Positioning:

  • droppLink provides solutions for AI’s adoption challenges, promoting wider and safer use.

The Solution:

droppLink & droppCoin

Proof of Gen (PoG):

  • Validates the authenticity of AI-generated content and its training data for any AI model and any Gen AI platform.
  • Enables creators and IP owners to be compensated fairly.
  • Validator nodes, including stakers and enterprise clients, participate in the validation process.

Data Genesis (DgS):

  • Automates the tokenization of AI training data.
  • Establishes an immutable record of data origin and usage.

droppCoin: Tokenization & Compensation:

  • End user Gen AI outputs are tokenized as unique digital assets on the Solana blockchain and are stored in the Filecoin network.
  • Creators and IP owners earn droppCoin for their contributions.
  • Validators are rewarded with droppCoin, incentivizing long-term network engagement.
  • droppCoin facilitates microtransactions for content utilization.

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droppLink is tokenizing every action within the lifecycle of an AI model to provide data integrity.

Christopher Kelly
President & Co-Founder

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